Aphex Twin – Avril 14th off of Drukqs is one of my fav RDJ tracks. So I learned it on the keyboard and programed it into my machines. Enjoy :)

I also did the vid




I am doing some Live analog video projection work at this show coming up next month in portland.

April 23rd 2016

Also check out my tape on DU

The Lofi Freq – Sinking Values

sonic lodge april 2016


DU glitch

02-04-2016 Music: The LoFi FreQ LIVE on his modular system. Dah Reynholm, Soup Purse, E.M.S. Hosted by DJ Barry Convex

Location: The Black Water Bar

835 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232

Blackwater Bar_lofi freq live2.4.2016


protectedimage My first official music release with a record label comes out next month! DETROIT UNDERGROUND will be putting out a beautiful high fidelity cassette of some live recorded tracks I created on my hardware.

Cover art designed by Ultrabianka​!

2/2016 !




Lemmy the lead singer of the band MOTORHEAD

24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015ob_d8204a_wendy-o-williams-lemmy-kilmister

One of the top 10 loudest band ever

Check out this great SPIN Feb 1986 article about them.

Lemmy was in another band called Sam Gopal.


Sam Gopal Profile: A British band formed in 1968. The band was named after its founder, Sam Gopal, born in Malaysia.

Formerly known as Sam Gopal’s Dream. Members: Phil Duke,  Sam Gopal, Roger D’Elia & Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister


christmas2013four (235)

The album Escalator was recorded in late 1968 and released in March 1969.




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New music coming out soon…



By in News

After seeing this video of rock legend Iggy Pop shitting himself about the music of the times I felt inspired to sample him.


Small vid clip of me making the track.

I set up my modular synth and created this with the sample if Mr pops melt down in the..

Make Noise Phonogene

Tiptop 808 BD, SD

ALM Dinky’s Taiko

Expert Sleepers Disting mk3

Mutable instruments ripples, tides (sheep mode), clouds

The Harvestman double andore, zorlon cannon,

4ms PEG, RCD

Qubit Tri-ger, RT-60

ladik D-333

Sputnik Modular 6 Channel Stereo Mixer

Sequenced with the Arturia BeatStep.


Iggy Pops!




I wanted to share my 2009 site and free DL of my 2010 release.

If you have some time check out the site. I am very proud of the programing that went into this and would love to share : LoFi Freq 2009 site!

Free Download: The Lofi Freq – Mics & Machines – 2010

The music LoFi Freq produces is about subtlety and innovation. Influenced as much by circuit bent Casio keyboards as by modular synthesizers, LoFi Freq’s sinuous beats create bubbling soundscapes that unfurl and modulate into an often base-heavy broken beat pulsing with the saturation of gritty effects and supple layering. A heady combination of old school finesse and new school filtering, LoFi Freq is just as interesting to watch live as he is to listen to.

LoFi Freq leaves no I/O patch untried or frequency unaltered.

lofi 2009

“I spent a lot of time wandering around LA recording industrial sounds and machinery. From industrial sewing machines to welding and rivet work I recorded tons of samples.” – FreQ