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Mutable instruments clouds has been making a great addition to the system.



Sidrassi Qin By Meng Qi Music


QU-Bit – Tri-ger is amazing fun!




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2015 has been a crazy fun year in music for me.

Besides building my new 12u modular system and expanding my studio I have had a number of interesting projects. This is a little info on one of them.

This year I had the pleasure of working with a good friend of mine Jonathan D Haskell on a remix for the LA band Kan Wakan. You might have heard Kan Wakan’s new track ‘Like I Need You’, the song from HBO’s new promo one night surfing the TV.

Photo: Kan Wakan


I was very excited to remix this song for a few reasons. First the band has a great sound and nice style, and second I knew I would have many fun layers of live instruments to play with.

Photo: Jonathan D Haskell / Seven Saturdays


Jonathan is the founding member of Seven Saturdays a very interesting band out of Los Angeles so I knew he would bring some fun vibes to the project and a unique style.

I approached this remix with a different idea. I wanted to bring all the sounds you did not hear or pay attention to in the original to the front of the mix and make them the main focus of the new track.

One thing was for sure I wanted the drums to have a unique sound. After a bit of designing, processing and some magic layers from Jonathan we came up with this track.


Check out the remix and download and share if you like.

Like I need you – Kan wakan – Lofi Freq remix





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